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5 Favorite Collagen-Rich Body Creams

Blavia’s Top 5 Must-Try Collagen Body Cream Picks 

In past blogs, we’ve discussed the many benefits of moisturizing your body to prolong your skin’s elasticity. We’ve also highlighted how hydrolyzed collagen can actively hydrate, protect and revive your precious skin.

Collagen-rich body creams combine all of these benefits into a single, powerful product. Here is a list of 5 top collagen-rich body creams that your skin will love!

St Ives Skin Renewing Body Lotion

St Ives’ richly renewing body lotion is made with 100% naturally sourced moisturizing agents. The paraben-free formula is non-greasy and suitable for sensitive skin, and its protective blend of collagen and elastin proteins deeply restore and rejuvenate.

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Firming Butter

This firming butter is designed specifically to help restore your skin’s vitality after weight loss or pregnancy. It contains a fragrant blend of cocoa butter, ginseng, vitamin E, Co-Enzyme Q10, collagen and elastin to firm, tone, and visibly improve your skin’s texture.

Jergens Skin Firming and Toning Moisturizer

Jergens’ oil-infused moisturizer promises to tighten and increase the elasticity of your skin. The formula’s patented HYDRALUCENCE™ blend of collagen and elastin significantly boosts skin’s resilience, firmness and luminosity.

Blavia Skincare Skin Strengthening Body Moisturizer

Our clinically-proven, rich and quick-absorbing body moisturizer is packed with skin-pampering marine collagen peptides, vitamins A, C, D and B, and a duo of potent antioxidants. These unique hydrating ingredients work together to improve skin firmness and elasticity, build a stronger skin barrier, and stimulate your skin’s own natural collagen production.

Aubrey Organics Collagen and Almond Body Lotion

Aubrey Organics’ replenishing lotion smooths and hydrates your bodily skin, leaving it softer and more youthful. This formulation is packed with collagen, elastin, and almond oil to attract and retain vital dermal moisture.

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