Benefits of Moisturizing the Skin

We all know that moisturizers are the key to having a glowing skin, but how many of us, those of us who follow the ritual of daily beauty to the letter, know what a moisturizer does for our skin? Here is a post to help us better understand what it means to have a hydrated skin and why we need to apply moisturizer day and night. Moisturizing is essential to maintaining a beautiful skin in full health.

The use of moisturizers is a fundamental gesture to protect and strengthen the skin. The skin is an organ itself: it surrounds the rest of the body and has multiple functions, including keeping the body safe from external aggressions.

To help our skin fulfill the roles it has means to maintain it hydrated, making sure the cells do not lack water and that the epidermis is producing a healthy hydrolipidic film. This light fatty, protective film is produced by the sebaceous glands, it makes the skin less permeable, and it creates a shielding barrier. Besides strengthening the hydrolipidic film to limit water losses, moisturizers:  

Reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Dehydrated skin is more susceptible to developing fine lines and wrinkles. Why? If the skin is not adequately nourished, its protective barrier weakens, dries, and finally causes a loss of collagen, which leads to an acceleration of aging.

And you will think that now you do not need it, that your skin is smooth and impeccable, and you may be right. But carelessness always takes its toll and, in the end, you will have more dehydrated and vulnerable skin when the first signs of age appear. Take early action, start using moisturizer as early as possible to prevent dry and sallow skin, specially moisturizers with collagen, vitamin C, and antioxidants.

Prevent irritation. Irritation is one common skin problem due to dehydration. It causes discomfort, pain, sensitivity, and itching in the skin because the protective barrier is weak. Moisturizers help strengthen the functions of the lipid barrier, replenishing its moisture levels and making it stronger and more resistant to external agents and pollutants.

Reduce acne. We can all get acne at any given time, especially those with oily skin. A quick solution is to treat acne with specific products, but that does not mean that you have to remove moisturizers from your routine; the use of moisturizers will not make your skin greasier — quite the opposite. If your skin dries, the body produces more fat, and this extra fat can clog your pores, which in turn causes acne. Moisturizers help maintain your skin hydrated, preventing extra sebum production

Protect from atmospheric changes. The skin tends to reflect the atmosphere that surrounds it. In winter, low temperatures and dry air weakens the lipids that make up the epidermis, so irritants penetrate more easily and cause redness and peeling. In summer, heat and prolonged exposure to the sun leave skin’s moisture levels low. Moisturizers are fundamental all year long to maintain our skin nourished, protected, and strengthened.


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