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Hand Massage at Home: DIY Pampering for Your Hands and Health

At-Home Care for Hardworking Hands 

Your hands are one of the hardest-working parts of your body, and as such, they require specialized care. Read on as we teach you how to pamper your hands with a relaxing DIY hand reflexology massage.

The Benefits

The ancient art of hand reflexology uses pressure applied to various points on the hands to relax your body and relieve physical symptoms.

The practice can improve your mood, boost circulation, increase flexibility, and relieve pain, tension and anxiety. It may also be helpful in addressing headaches, stress, back and shoulder pain, sports injuries, and much more.

DIY Hand Massage in 9 Simple Steps

Feel free to add your own steps to this rejuvenating reflexology hand massage guide, and remember to always use firm but comfortable pressure.

  1. Begin by pinching the tips of each of your fingers for a few seconds. Pinch the sides of each of your fingertips as well.
  2. Vigorously rub each of your fingers and thumbs from top to bottom and along the sides.
  3. Grasp and lightly tug each of your fingers and thumbs firmly from base to tip. Allow your grip to loosen gradually until your fingertips easily slip from your grasp.
  4. Pinch and softly pull the webbed areas between the fingers and thumbs of both hands.
  5. Resting one of your palms inside the other, use your thumb to massage the backs of your hands, knuckles and wrists in circles.
  6. Gently hold each wrist with your free hand and use your thumb to massage your inner wrists.
  7. Massage the palms of your hands with your thumbs or knuckles.
  8. Press your thumb deeply into the center of your palm while taking a few deep breaths and centering yourself. Take a moment to unwind and focus on positive, healing intentions.
  9. Finish your massage by smothering your hands in Blavia’s pampering Skin Strengthening Body Cream for lasting suppleness.
xo,Blavia Skincare