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By the time I was in my early 20s, I started to ask myself why I wasn’t using a moisturizer that would strengthen and protect my skin – and one that would complement the loss of collagen that we begin to experience at this exact age, especially because the loss of elasticity makes the skin become more fragile; and I am all about self and skin strengthening.

I grew up feeling a deep connection to the sea, and its immenseness and strength has inspired me in so many ways. This was a connection that I wanted to cherish forever, and eventually it developed into the inspiration for my first steps into researching blue biotechnology and the power of marine collagen.

I am now pleased and proud to share my products – the culmination of that research – with you. I hope that you love Blavia Skincare just as much as I do and that you too feel revitalized and strengthened thanks to the regenerative properties of the ocean!



We formulate and distribute our products from Miami, Florida

but did you know that our brand name origin goes back to a town in France?

Blavia is a fortress that served for many years to protect the town from marine invasions and today, it is called the Blaye Citadel and it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The name derives from “Bla” meaning warrior and “Via” meaning path- the best resemblance to our own skin and to a warrior mindset of strength. 

Blavia Skincare is inspired in thriving women committed to their well-being and work-life balance, on their own terms. Women who are fun, passionate, relentless, and who are constantly working in pursue of their dreams.

Our packaging

Committed to sustainability, we source our packaging from recyclable material. We use minimal packaging fillers, our paper boxes are recyclable, and both, our tubes and caps are manufactured with hazardous-free substance resins.

Although we continue to search for ways to improve, this packaging consumes less energy and resources in the making and is lighter to transport, which results in reduced carbon footprint.

The best way to protect the environment and conserve resources is to recycle all types of packaging after use. Our efforts and consumer sustainable practices are fundamental to the preservation of our oceans and environment.