Collagen is the most important structural protein, accounting for one fourth of the total body protein in our bodies. Collagen binds connective tissues of the skin, cartilage, and bone, and even skeletal muscles are all held together by collagen. Our dermis consists of 90 to 95% collagen, in terms of dry weight.  But, natural collagen production in the body begins to decrease in our early 20s at 1.5% every year, resulting in the loss of firmness and elasticity of the skin. 

You have probably seen or tried collagen in many skincare products. Collagen itself is a large molecule so when applied topically, it isn't well-absorbed through the skin. Collagen molecules must be denatured into smaller peptides and amino acids for maximum absorption and greater skin benefits. 

Collagen is widely used for its significant moisturizing properties. This potent ingredient is often obtained from bovine or porcine sources, and marine collagen has risen as a valuable, disease-free, and bioavailable alternative source. 

Marine Collagen

Blavia Skincare’s marine collagen is obtained by specific, mild, non-denaturing extraction from fish skins, principally from gadidae. This marine collagen is characterized by its high hydroxyproline content—an amino acid derived from collagen molecules that the skin can easily absorb and use. Additionally, collagen extracted from fish skin is to a large extent homologous with type I mammalian collagen. Studies have already shown that the connective tissues of fish have a particular macromolecular structure which results in unique properties. 

The skins of these fishes are collected immediately after they have been netted and washed thoroughly in large volumes of water. They are then soaked for several hours in diluted solutions and washed again thoroughly with water until they are neutral. The purpose of the extensive washing is to eliminate impurities, volatile bases, and soluble proteins, which may interfere with the collagen particles. 

Collagen extraction is done by passing the fish skin over a press filter to eliminate any insoluble material. The skin is then deodorized in a plate evaporator to eliminate any fish smell. Next, the collagen is separated into its building blocks of peptides and amino acids, the easily absorbed particles of collagen that your skin can process. These peptides and amino acids are later mixed with other high-quality ingredients, antioxidants and vitamins, to form our Skin Strengthening product line. 

Benefits of Marine Collagen

In broad terms, marine collagen helps increase collagen natural production, prevents collagen breakdown, reduces the appearance of fine lines and deep wrinkles, supports the growth of five layers of skin cells, helps the growth of skin cells, clarifies the complexion, softens, nourishes, and moisturizes.

And, because this is not enough to us, at Blavia Skincare, we performed a clinical test on our Skin Strengthening Body Moisturizer formula to evaluate the synergy and effectiveness of the ingredients all together.

This clinical test has shown the following results:

After 30 days:  
Skin firmness improved by 5.42%
Skin elasticity improved by 4.55%

After 60 days:  
Skin firmness improved by 7.90%
Skin elasticity improved by 5.40%

  Participating women experienced:

100% said their skin felt softer and smoother, that the product has a pleasant texture, and that their skin felt moisturized throughout the day.

95% said the product improved the general appearance of their skin.

85% said the product left their skin feeling protected, strengthened, and firmer.